We align all business processes with our customers' requirements. In doing so, the following factors are the focus of the entrepreneurial considerations of ELMA-Tech:

  • the full and efficient use of technical knowledge
  • a resource-saving production

This indispensable factors explain the high quality level of ELMA-Tech. We are working according to globally applicable guidelines. The ELMA-Tech GmbH aims for technological and device-related leadership in welding technology.

The ELMA-Tech GmbH has introduced a continuous improvement process (CIP) into the company to ensure the permanent enhancement of the organization.

The objective of all activities of ELMATECH GmbH is to ensure high customer satisfaction. Out of the enterprise generated growth is sought with simultaneous guarantee of product and process quality.

This growth can be guaranteed only in cooperation with good suppliers. For this purpose, a strong partnership with the selected vendor is maintained. Ensuring the high quality level can only be guaranteed with the help of our highly motivated and qualified employees. The necessary resources will be provided by the management.

Morsbach, 17.07.2014